All Black – Sticks

Stick collection

New bone blade

Power rail

Thicker middle-rail gives smoother touch while giving stiffness to the nose of the blade. Everytime you use forehand of the blade the Power Rail touches the ball and reduces bounces.

make it feel easy

Pre-hook and evenly inclining concavity makes it easy to control the ball. 

pre-hook made for you

Pre-hook of the blade gives you the ability to handle ball and shoot easily. Evenly inclining concavity is  suitable for many type of players.

something for everyone

There`s alternative for everyone. You can choose between super light Raw Concept shaft and G-Series shaft. There is also shorter All Black 31 shaft for juniors. You can check all stick specifications below.

all black stick collection


all black raw concept 27

Carbon shaft with 11 layers and untreated finishing, Ø25,5mm. Shaft length: 101/96cm. Shaft flex: 27mm. The Lightest grip. Bone blade. material: PP Black.


all black G27

100% Fresh Japanese carbon shaft, Ø25,5 mm.
Shaft length: 103/101/96cm, flex: 27mm, Superlight grip. Bone blade. Material: PE-h Black.


all black 31

Composite shaft, Ø23 & Ø25,5 mm.
Shaft length: 92/87/82cm, Shaft flex: 31mm, Superlight grip. Bone blade. Material: PE-h Black.