Head Coach for Latvian Men’s highest League Team

Head Coach for Latvian Men’s highest League Team

The contract is for 3 (1+2) seasons.

A season starts on August 1st and ends around 15th of April with the finals of Latvian men elite league.

The duties of the team coach include, but are not limited to:

  • Develop a training plan for the season
  • Monitor fulfillment of the said plan, player physical condition and attendance.
  • Ability to prepare a physical training plan will be considered as an advantage. If not coach will have to cooperate with physical trainer in development of a suited training plan for floorball players
  • Consult other coaches of the club (youth and women teams)
  • At least once a month report to the clubs board about the training process, results and future plans.

Contacts and more information from artis@lekrings.lv

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