Tactic board with the eraser felt patch. Size: 34,5cm x 23cm.


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Shaft shape

Fat Pipe has some unique shaft shapes for different kind of players. With different shaft shape you could have different qualities for your playing. Fat Pipe’s most popular shaft shape is straight shaft. Besides straight shaft there are curved Bow-shaft and flat shaft Beat.

grip shape

Grip shape means shape of the grip area. Fat Pipe’s oval shafts are often made of Eva-bands under the grip. Oval shaft with Eva-bands could be transformed to round by removing the Eva-bands. Also you could make round shaft to oval with our Eva-band set

Kick point

Kick point in shaft makes big difference especially when shooting. Fat Pipe has two different kick points on shafts: regular and low kick point. Regular shaft bends evenly, while low kick point shafts bending happens little lower. With low kick point shaft you get faster and more controlled release for your shots which make it easy to shoot in tight space.

Total weight

Total weight is weight of the stick with plastic wrap and stickers. The weight is from the shortest version of the stick.



Size of the blade mean especially length of the blade. All blades have quite similar height, but width makes bigger difference. With large blade you get more reach and it is easier to hit the ball from air. Smaller blades are more agile in thight spaces.


Concavity means concavity on the forehand side. With larger concavity you get more lift for your shots and better handling on forehand. With smaller concavity you get better handling when dribbling on forehand and backhand. Also with smaller concavity you did not get ball to spin that much.


Curve means how curved the blade is. With bigger curve you get better handling on forehand. With smaller curve you get better handling on backhand side.


Weight of the blade. With more weight you get lower balance point to stick and power to shots. Lighter blade is more agile and quicker to move.



how to choose correct stick length?

Basic guideline for the stick length is one palm length above your navel as you can see in the image above. Also you can use size chart based on you length. Guideline for correct length you will find also on every Fat Pipe stick as a sticker. 


how to choose correct flex?

Flex in shaft means flexibility of the shaft and how easily it bends when bending or shooting. The bigger the flex numbers are, the easier it bends when shooting. Fat Pipe sticks have flexes between 23-34mm. 

STIFF FLEX (23-25mm)
Stiff shafts are usually for adults and powerful players. Stiff shaft needs more power to bend and that’s why you need to have power to get power out of the shaft. 

MEDIUM FLEX (26-28mm)
The most popular flex for adult players is 27mm. Medium flex shafts are versatile for many kind of players. 

SOFT FLEX (29-34mm)
Soft flex shafts are usually for juniors, ladies and players who likes smooth ball control. With softer shaft it is easier to get power out of the shaft to shooting and passing.



how to choose correct handedness?

Handedness tells how you hold the stick while playing. The players that play left hand below are left-handed and the players that play right hand below are right-handed. Left and right blades are made for handling the ball more on the forehand of the blade. That’s why the blades are curved and have some concavity on the forehand side.

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